E-file information for individual

Most taxpayers who use software to prepare their income tax returns must also e-file.

It's simple: If you've purchased commercial tax software to prepare your tax returns, e-filing is simply a matter of clicking on an additional screen or two.

There are no additional charges: The cost of tax preparation software includes the e-filing service. In fact, New York law prohibits an additional charge for e-filing.

The new e-file requirement applies to you if:

FreeFile E-file with commercial software

If your income is $57,000 or less, you may qualify for FreeFile and can use free tax preparation and free e-filing software.

It's only available through our Web site where software companies make their products available for free.

See Free File for more information and links to the company Web sites.

Do it yourself if you don't qualify for FreeFile.

Buy tax preparation software either over-the-counter or online, prepare your own return, and press send to e-file.

See the list of approved e-file software companies.