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Income Tax Preparation

Whether you own your own home or rent, filing taxes can be difficult, confusing, and stressful if you aren’t familiar with all of the rules and guidelines.

Feel the relief of working with experts and get fast and easy accounting and tax services and get more for your money when you E-file for your annual taxes.

E-file information for individual

Most taxpayers who use software to prepare their income tax returns must also e-file.

It's simple: If you've purchased commercial tax software to prepare your tax returns, e-filing is simply a matter of clicking on an additional screen or two.

There are no additional charges: The cost of tax preparation software includes the e-filing service. In fact, New York law prohibits an additional charge for e-filing.

Tax Auditing

The Department audits, investigates, and collects taxes from individuals and businesses. These enforcement activities help ensure that all New Yorkers pay their fair share of taxes.

As shown in an overview of the audit process, our auditors conduct a fair and unbiased review to determine if you paid the proper tax due. An audit may result in a bill for additional tax, penalties and interest; the denial of a refund or credit you claimed; a proposed refund based on overpayments; or we may find no change at all.

Financial Consulting

When many people think of the term "financial advisor", they picture a stressed out Wall Street type sitting behind a computer or telephone placing buy and sell orders and attempting to make their clients as much money as possible. While many advisors may still fit this mold, some are evolving their practice into a more comprehensive approach that takes a look at not just investments, but also insurance, budgeting, taxes, retirement, education funding and estate planning.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Kumar tax and Financial, can help you solve problems and realize your potential. Our trained staff will design and coordinate a comprehensive program of services on-site or offsite in the accounting software of your choice. We currently serve clients in the Southern Vermont and Upstate New York areas.

Notary Public

Notaries are appointed by a government authority, such as a court or lieutenant governor, or by a regulating body often known as a society or faculty of notaries public. For lawyer notaries, an appointment may be for life, while lay notaries are usually commissioned for a briefer term, with the possibility of renewal.

Special Services